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High Threat Solutions Worldwide 

High Threat Solutions is a training company based in Los Angeles, California.  We are available to travel throughout the U.S. and overseas and can tailor training programs to meet your specific needs. 


Our instructors have a combined 90 years of experience in law enforcement and military special operations. 

Classes currently offered on a monthly basis include: 

Introduction to Dignitary Protection

This course is designed to provide an introduction to dignitary and executive protection. Agencies are frequently called upon to protect visiting dignitaries and their families with little to no training. Basic law enforcement training does not prepare officers for this unique police function. Our instructors will cover the basics of protection using a proactive approach and will train officers and agents how to prevent and respond to attacks on your protectee.

  • Cover and Evacuate the Principal

  • Advance Planning

  • Rings of Protection

  • Dress, Etiquette, Ethics and Teamwork

  • Kidnapping, Assassination case studies

  • Weapons, Equipment and Medical Supplies

  • Protective Formations

  • Defensive Tactics for the Dignitary Protection Agent

  • Attack on the Principal Drills

*The above course is restricted to active law enforcement and military, retired law enforcement, licensed security officers, private investigators with identification and ACJA students with identification.

Undercover and Off-Duty Survival

Law enforcement officers spend a great deal of time preparing for on-duty violent encounters, conversely they spend little to no time training for the incidents that occur while off-duty or undercover. 
Even worse than our lack of training, is the fact that our unarmed family or friends may be with us at the time these incidents occur.  Over the last few years, we have seen more than one of these violent encounters take place in the presence of the officer's young children, and witnessed even more of these brave men and women murdered while off-duty.  Worst of all this year we saw an officer's child targeted and murdered because of his on-duty work. 
Whether you are a patrol officer, spending 16 hours a day off-duty, or working a plainclothes assignment, spending 24 hours a day out of uniform, this class is for you. The goal of this course is to better prepare you, your family and your home.  
Spouses who have attended in the past recommend this training for all husbands, wives and children. 


Case studies of officer and family members attacked

  • Communication issues
  • Weapons and gear selection
  • Surveillance detection
  • Avoiding identifying yourself
  • Principles of when to be a witness and when to take action
  • Legal issues
  • Tactics with and without family present

*The above course is restricted to active and retired law enforcement, their spouses/significant others, teenage and adult children, parents, and ACJA students with identification.

​Prevention and Response to School Violence

The training of school staff to help prevent and prepare for large scale violence should be mandatory for any school district.  These attacks on our children are increasing decade by decade with no end in sight.  In fact, experts see the trend continuing to escalate.

This course is based on the National Tactical Officer’s Association’s Active Shooters Instructor’s course, and studies from the United States Secret Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 

Module 1: Lecture/PowerPoint Presentation

This course covers the prevention of school violence and the response steps to take when an incident begins.

  • The history of attacks on schools since the 1800’s and lessons learned

  • Early warning signs of an active shooter starting in first grade

  • Mental Preparation before an incident

  • Preplanning for student accountability, reuniting with parents and handling media  

  • Evacuation and lockdown procedures

  • Medical issues

  • What to expect from law enforcement

  • Preparations with law enforcement

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


Surviving Ambushes for Law Enforcement

The crime statistics from law enforcement officers assaulted and killed indicates that one in five officers feloniously killed were killed in ambushes.

This Ambush course presents the officer with skills that will assist them in surviving an ambush situation.

It will cover:         
  • History of ambushes against law enforcement
  • Statistics
  • Types of ambushes
  • How to avoid an ambush
  • How to plan and conduct and ambush
  • Indicators that you have been targeted
  • Counter ambush tactics and Immediate Action Drills
  • Ambush tactics of various enemies