Instructor Jim Rewald 

Has been with the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department for 32 years, and is currently a Sergeant at Compton Station.  For the previous 14 years he was assigned as a detective to the Counter Terrorism Unit.  His past experience includes 4 county jails and 6 patrol assignments, lead instructor and team leader of the department's Dignitary Protection Unit, and as a task force member to the FBI's Joint Terrorism Taskforce.  He is an experienced instructor having taught Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Dignitary Protection, Patrol Preparation, Active Shooter Response, Vice Enforcement, Tactical Firearms, Bus Emergency Tactics, Taser, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Intelligence, Surveillance, Surveillance Detection, Bomb and Explosive Threats and Undercover and Off-Duty Survival.  He has also taught tactics and investigative classes for the Department of Defense Force Protection Detachment and the U.S. State Department as well as HUMINT classes for LAPD's Policing Convergent Threats course.  


Instructor Roy burns, j.d. 

​Has recently retired from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.   He has also worked for the San Fernando and Los Angeles Police Departments.  In addition, he served with the United States Marine Corps, 1st Recon, in the Republic of Vietnam.  Instructor #3 has worked Custody, Patrol, Narcotics, Advanced Officer Training, SWAT and as a Detective.  He has trained over 10,000 Law Enforcement and Military Personnel throughout the world.  He specializes in Officer Survival and Field Tactics but also teaches High Risk Entries, Defensive Tactics, Handgun, MP-5, Boat and Plane Interdictions, First Responders, Officer Rescue and Close Quarter Battle.  He has been in 8 Officer involved shootings.  One of those shootings was the Pico Rivera shooting which has been shown on the History Channel.  He has received the LASD Medal of Valor, LASD Gold Medal for Valor, the California State Attorney Generals Award for Valor, the International Footprinters Officer of the Year Award, the American Patriot Service Award, the Distinguished Service Award, 3 Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Outstanding Performance Awards and the Military order of the Purple Heart Law Enforcement Award. He is on the faculty of College of the Canyons in Valencia Ca. where he teaches Criminal Justice.

Instructor #3 

Is a 32 year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and currently is a Detective Supervisor assigned to Major Crimes Division.  He has spent virtually his entire career working Plain Cloths, Undercover and Specialized units.  These assignments include Narcotics, Gang and Homicide Units, The Violent Crime Task Force, various units within Major Crimes Division, including Dignitary Protection details and the Joint Terrorism Task Force.  He is an experienced instructor having taught courses on undercover operations and tactics, surveillance, and informant recruitment and handling all over the U.S and overseas.

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